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How long does a kiwi plant last ?
What type of soil do I need ?

Find here everything who need to know to help you make a good choice of planting location and maintenance of fruit trees.


100 to 150 years!


From 3 m to 5 m at maturity.


From 2 m to 3 m at maturity.

Type of soil

Adapts well to a wide range of soil textures. The best soil for kiwifruit should be light, cool, rich in organic matter, well-drained and PH neutral or slightly acidic.

Spacing between plants

The distance is variable according to your project. We recommend a minimum of 2 m between each plant. It is important to respect the maximum radius of 15 m between a male plant and a female plant to ensure optimal pollination.


Pergola, fence, trellis, rope, etc. It is important to tutor your plant the first years which will promote its growth and allow it to give it a solid structure for fruiting to come.


Demanding need for nutrients due to its high production of fruits: compost, dead leave, etc.


Dioecious: needs a male and a female to produce fruits.


Small slightly white flowers, abundant flowering between June and July depending of the species.

Fruit harvest

The harvest is spread over a period of about 2 months between August and October depending on your zoning and culivars implanted.

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